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Why Choose Us

While it is true that licensed firms are required to have Professional Engineers among staff, to us that is just merely a minimum criteria. When considering an engineering firm for a project, a valued client needs to ask the following questions:

At Rostwa, we answer these questions in an affirmative manner to assure any client of our commitment with the following ideals:

  • Rostwa Engineers has an acute awareness of who we are and the presence we hold within the community.
  • All projects are subject to the company’s intensive QA/QC Procedures. This includes weekly progress reviews and in-house “peer reviews” prior to issuance for recordation, construction or the client.
  • Employ “Value Engineering Discipline” and innovative design to minimize budgets and realize client needs.
  • Partner with client teams and investigate the merit of all suggestions.

We believe that this commitment to our profession and community is a direct reflection of the firm and the people that define Rostwa engineers.
Success, Cost Effectiveness and Quality in the finished project are the products that you receive.

Rostwa Engineers